Reason for setting sleep time
instead of wake-up time

While most Alarm services focus on setting an alarm based on the time you need to wake up, Zalza encourages setting a sleep target time to improve sleep quality and align with the user’s sleep needs.

This approach helps find the right amount of sleep for you and ensures healthy sleep by matching the ‘Healthy Sleep Wave Timeline.’

Zalza recommends an average sleep cycle of 90 minutes.

To help users fall asleep according to this cycle, Zalza team developed a ‘Sleep Wave Timeline’ based on the 90-minute cycle theory, with advice from sleep experts at Bundang Seoul National University Hospital.

 This timeline has been applied to sleep music made by professional sleep music researchers using sound technology.


As a result, by adjusting sleep time to align with this cycle and using sleep music, even if you sleep for a short period, you can fall asleep quickly and wake up feeling refreshed, with your body and brain fully recovered.

During this setup process, users can easily identify the time periods that match the 90-minute cycle through the information on the screen and feedback from the cat character Leo (LEO).

Ultimately, Zalza provides an innovative sleep target time setting feature to help users form healthy sleep habits.